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Guest Chelsea Krost

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Chelsea Krost on the COffee With Lisa Podcast | Hosted by Lisa Patrick

Chelsea Krost – Millennial Marketing

Want to know the secret to marketing to millennials? How to tap into the millennial mindset and be profitable?

‘You need to think mobile and social media first is a must if you want to get a piece of the billion dollar pie, says Chelsea.

Chelsea Krost believes that Millennials are an economic force! With $200B in ANNUAL BUYING POWER, smart marketers know traditional marketing and advertising tactics won’t cut it.

‘Millennials are the catalyst for change and are rapidly shifting the needle on how products and services need to be marketed and sold today’, says Chelsea Krost.

Learn more about the upcoming krypto currency she is launching called the Krost Coin, about the value of Instagram marketing for your brand and your business, and so much more.

Did you know? Almost 90% of marketers say their social media marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business, and 75% say they’ve increased traffic. Instagram, specifically, can play a prominent role when it comes to growing your target audience.

In the last year alone, Instagram has released dozens of new tools for businesses, including advanced analytics, shoppable Instagram posts, new ways to drive traffic from Instagram Stories, Highlights, and more.

Chelsea Krost

Chelsea has been a pioneer in the Influencer and Influencer Marketing space for the past 10 years.

Chelsea Krost is one of America’s leading Millennial influencers, LinkedIn Rated Top 20 Millennial marketing and brand strategists, a sought-after keynote speaker, Forbes Contributor, and the #MillennialTalk chat host whose influence shapes marketing strategies of not only small businesses but Fortune 500 corporations.

Chelsea sat on the board of Cosmopolitan Magazine as a Millennial Board Member and has been a brand ambassador/spokesperson for many notable and diverse brands such as Intel, MasterCard, IBM, Suave, Skype, TurboTax, Illy Coffee, and The International Rotary.

Chelsea Krost | COffee With Lisa Podcast hosted by Lisa PAtrick

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