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Guest Deborah Gardner

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Deborah Gardner on the COffee With Lisa Podcast | hosted by Lisa Patrick

Deborah Gardner Over Delivers Every Time

SPEAKERS – Event Security Takes on Fresh Importance for Meeting Professionals

Meeting professionals are faced with several challenges, but the one common dominator in the meeting and events industry is that everyone is looking for a risk management plan. Do you have one? What is it?

Meeting security is at the top of everyone’s minds right now in the meeting professionals industry. After the recent incident in Las Vegas, planners need to make sure that they – and their venues – are as prepared as possible to handle any emergency that may take place.

In this episode, Deborah and Lisa discuss what professional speakers can do to not only win the hearts and minds of a meeting professional, but what actions can they take to help support the meeting professional duties specific to their events.

Deborah Gardner

Deborah Gardner is a swimming champion turned author and competitive performance expert, Deborah Gardner helps companies and organizations advance to new levels of success, and achieve maximum winning results.


Better known by many Fortune 500 companies as the “Pit Bull in a Skirt,” Deborah is rising to international prominence with a captivating, entertaining and humorous sassy presentation style.


Deborah was one of the first female television broadcasters with CBS Sports Network, as well as a 27-year hospitality veteran and ambassador for Meetings Mean Business.

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