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Guest Jerry Acuff

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Jerry Acuff | Coffee With Lisa Podcast

Jerry Acuff, top 5 sales expert in the world at one time was 125K in debt, and hated selling. So what did he do? He did the only other thing he knew, he coached football and taught English with a dream of making it into coaching college football.

He found an opportunity to do that, but was rejected when he applied to graduate school; he barely got out of VMI with a 2.18 GPA. At that point, Jerry had to find work. His resume said “selling” even though I hated the thought of it. He was desperate, though. As many of us are at some point in our lives.

Jerry attributes much of his success to the fact that he acquired those necessary Edge Learning skills and cracked the code on, How do you stop ‘selling’ and start building relationships?

Find out how Jerry went from broke to consistently making 6 figures in sales monthly.

How *pyramid hopping* has become his most successful tool to creating profitable business relationships.
What is LTA? WHY you need to know.
Why arrogance almost cost him everything.
And so much more…

Jerry Acuff

Jerry Acuff has been consulting and speaking extensively on the issues of sales and marketing excellence for over 30 years. He knows what it is like to be a frustrated sales person starting out in sales (which is how he began). Through the years he has learned the secrets of how to be successful in selling as well as how to help others maximize their sales potential.

Jerry was recently named one of the 50 Best Salespeople of all time on a list that includes Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, and Warren Buffet, an author of 4 best-selling business books, been featured on MSNBC, The ABC Radio Network, the Fox Radio Network and also in Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The, Investor’s Business Daily, Fast Company, Selling Power, Readers Digest and, Selling Power Live and 11 Universities in their Marketing Curriculum use his first book, The Relationship Edge in Business published by John Wiley and Sons.

Jerry Acuff on the Coffee With Lisa Podcast | Hosted by Lisa Patrick

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