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Guest René Banglesdorf

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REne Banglesdorf | Coffee With Lisa Podcast

René Banglesdorf – Helping Women Learn How to Stand Tall

An advocate for Women in Leadership, René teaches women how to thrive in a male-dominated business world and corporations how to empower female leaders, which leads to more profit.

Learn more about how Rene helps the world’s most influential companies attract, retain and empower female leaders while equipping women with leadership and life skills to succeed in the workplace.

René discusses about how she believes it’s the responsibility of both men and women to ensure women are heard, valued and given opportunities for promotion.

René Banglesdorf

Author, Speaker and Podcast Host, René Banglesdorf, is the Co-Founder & CEO of Charlie Bravo Aviation, an Austin, Texas-based company that buys, sells and leases corporate aircraft worldwide. She applies her background in business journalism and marketing from several industries to work with government entities, non-profits, corporations (both large and small) and private individuals, closing deals in more than 40 countries ranging from $500K to $30M+.

René is part of an elite group—only 4-6% of high-level aviation positions are held by women worldwide. It’s through this that she not only serves as a spokesperson for women and businesses in aviation, but also speaks as an expert in empowering women in the workplace and works with businesses to retain and promote female leaders through workshops, speaking engagements and press appearances all over the world.

Rene Banglesdorf | Charlie Bravo Aviation | Hosted by Lisa Patrick

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