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Guest Merril Hoge

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When Merril talked about his dream of playing in the NFL all he heard was, that will be too hard, you can’t beat those odds, it’s impossible, and son don’t put all your eggs in one basket! That inspired him to write Find a Way and put it on the top of his cork board wall above all his goals.

A commitment to find a way to always be committed to his Edge Learning skills has truly made Merril the success he is today and with every new goal he sets for himself, his plays at Your Call Football and his family.

When post-concussion syndrome forced star NFL running back Merril Hoge to retire he began the journey to find a way to the answers he desperately wanted to know about CTE because in 1994, research on football-related head injuries wasn’t a priority. At the time, football was heavily influenced by a tough guy culture, and little was known about concussions and their potentially dangerous effects.

Then the tragic death of Hoge’s ex-teammate Mike Webster in 2002 launched a wave of fear after an autopsy determined he suffered from an obscure brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The media pounced. Concern over player safety soon became a war on football at every level, with one scientist even declaring youth football “child abuse.”

In an effort to set the record straight, Hoge and board-certified forensic neuropathologist Dr. Peter Cummings explore the hidden agendas and misinformation fueling the CTE hysteria machine.

Armed with extensive research, critical insight, and expert interviews, in this episode Hoge addresses some of the common myths surrounding the disease, examining significant flaws in the often-cited studies and exposing the sensationalistic reporting that dominates today’s CTE dialogue.

Compelling, accessible, and ultimately revelatory, Brainwashed exposes the biases and unsubstantiated claims crippling true scientific advancement in the area of CTE research.

Merril Hoge

Merril found a way to live a dream and fight to live. I continue to find ways to accomplish and overcome all that challenges me and the goals I want to achieve. I am committed to maximizing my Edge Learning skills and talents by hard work, focus, goals and taking action.

Ever since I was eight-years-old, he dreamed of being a professional football player. Growing up in a small town in Idaho, the goal seemed unrealistic. But Merril didn’t just dream about this goal. From that young age, he used the words “Find A Way” to take action to overcome any obstacle and to attain any goal.

Today, working with Your Call Football is the next stage as he continues to strive towards his own goals.  He uses his Find A Way philosophy as a parenting tool, and challenges his children, Kori and Beau, to Find A Way to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and take ownership of their lives.

Merril Hoge | Brainwashed | Coffee With Lisa

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